• Students are allowed to make up classes on other days in age appropriate classes. Make-up classes can only be made with in a semester.


  • Amanda Kupillas Dance has a no refund policy.


  • Guardians must submit payment to Amanda Kupillas Dance before students can participate. Amanda Kupillas Dance also has the right to cancel classes if it they are under enrolled.


  • Amanda Kupillas Dance generally will follow Hastings Public School. If there is a delay or snow cancelation, an email  will be sent to the email address provided on the registration form. Amanda Kupillas Dance will do its best to make up any class cancelled by snow, however Amanda Kupillas Dance is not responsible for classes canceled due to the weather.


  • Dress Code. There is no strict dress code at AK Dace. However for ballet classes, dancers should be in leotards, tights and dance slippers. Hair must also be up in a bun or pony if your Childs hair is long enough. Skirts and warmups are allowed.
  • Please remember to pack water with the dancers when they come to class, especially in the summer months. Amanda Kupillas Dance will try and provide cups for those students who forget, however it is best to bring your own bottles. 
  • Dance slippers are really important! Dancing on the floor with tights is very dangerous and the dancers almost always slip. Dance slippers can sometime feel strange so having a good fit is really important. I also prefer stringless slippers on dancers who do not know how to tie their shoes. This will save a lot of class time. 
  • Amanda Kupillas Dance highly suggest getting your dancers slippers fitted to their feet. There is a store in scarsdale called Repatoire Dance Shop on Garth Road. The shoes cost around $25 and they will make sure that the shoe fits your child foot.
  • Dancers are dismissed from class once the teacher sees the caretaker. Amanda Kupillas Dance will dot dismiss a child until the caretaker has been seen. 
  • Please remember that as soon as dance class is in session that there is no talking during class. If you decide to stick around during the duration of your child's class, you can sit in the front of the studio. At the end of class when you are ready to pick up your child you can come to the side and watch the last couple minutes, however PLEASE keep voices down as it distracts the students. 
  • If your child is not potty trained, children should come to class in pull-up. Also please make sure that all students use the bathroom before class to limit interruptions. 
  • Please remember to ask students to respect the studio. First and Foremost there is NO SHOES ON THE FLOOR. Students should not touch the mirror, walls, or hang on the barres. Studio rules will be told to the students. Siblings that come in to pick up there brother and sister are not welcome to run onto the dance floor as there are classes that sometimes take place directly after.
  • Please allow the other students to come in and get ready by quickly getting your child dressed and quietly leaving the studio. 
  • A note to parents. Mostly all Amanda Kupillas Dance classes are drop off. Please drop your child off in a timely manner, and arrive back at the end of class. I ask that you do not stay for the class as there is not a lot of room in the classroom as guests can be a distraction. If you arrive early please try and wait outside until the class is over. If weather does not permit this, please come into the studio in a quite manner. Please no talking until class is over and child is dismissed.